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Properties & Photos
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 Tax ParcelNumberStreetOccupantProperty Owner
Details 0073-R-00034 Broadway AvenueUndeveloped LandDDH Logistics Consulting LLC
Details 0072-C-00297532Broadway AvenueParking LotPintar, Wayne & Lori
Details 0072-C-00287533Broadway AvenueMunicipal BuildingTownship of Stowe
Details 0072-C-00299534Broadway AvenueBroadway CollisionPintar, Wayne & Lori
Details 0072-C-00300538Broadway AvenueResidentialWagner, Mark & Smith Debra
Details 0072-C-00278547Broadway AvenueParking LotTownship of Stowe
Details 0072-C-00306548Broadway AvenueStowe Township Fire DepartmentStowe Township
Details 0072-C-00307600Broadway AvenueMike Roussey/Tomchak TiresRoussey, Michael & Jacqueline
Details 0072-C-00308602Broadway AvenueResidentialKonkiel, Joseph John
Details 0072-C-00312604Broadway AvenueResidentialCTJS Enterprises, Inc.
Details 0072-C-00273609Broadway AvenueResidentialSabol, Ronald & Mary
Details 0072-C-00272611Broadway AvenueResidentialIyengar, Ramesh
Details 0072-C-00315612Broadway AvenueVacantKastrounis, Matthew
Details 0072-C-00270613Broadway AvenueResidentialGreen, Norman and Gilbow, Letitia
Details 0072-C-00269617Broadway AvenueResidentialNagy, Laura
Details 0072-C-00316618Broadway AvenueResidentialEngram & Haynes Associates LLC
Details 0072-C-00268619Broadway AvenueResidentialDauer, Mark & Jennifer
Details 0072-C-00318620Broadway AvenueResidentialSelelyo, Virginia
Details 0072-C-00266621Broadway AvenueResidentialHeckert, Richard
Details 0072-C-00319628Broadway AvenueFloral KingSelelyo, Virginia
Details 0072-C-00264629Broadway AvenueResidentialPlaczek, Joseph & Sandra
Details 0072-C-00320630Broadway AvenueWest Side StorySelelyo, James
Details 0072-C-00321632Broadway AvenueBroad Wray's Auto DetailingWray, Aliya, Beatty, Andy and Wray, George
Details 0072-C-00322634Broadway AvenueKelly & Nina's Day CareResidential Resources Inc.
Details 0072-C-00263635Broadway AvenueResidentialMarie Cadwell Revocable Living Trust
Details 0072-C-00262637Broadway AvenueVacantFrancis, David
Details 0072-C-00324638Broadway AvenueVacantResidential Resources Inc.
Details 0072-C-00325638Broadway AvenueAliya Wray's Beauty ParlorWray, George
Details 0072-C-00261639Broadway AvenueResidentialDavis, Kevin
Details 0072-C-00325640Broadway AvenueSteve Wray's Barber ShopWray, George
Details 0072-C-00260641Broadway AvenueRossetti Tax & AccountingRossetti, Craig
Details 0072-C-00326642Broadway AvenuePrime Time PizzeriaPaul Puhac
Details 0072-C-00258643Broadway AvenueUndeveloped LandCarroll, Thomas
Details 0072-C-00328644Broadway AvenueThe Parkway TheatreStubna, Aaron
Details 0072-C-00330646Broadway AvenueParking LotAJDJ Rentals LLC
Details 0072-C-00257647Broadway AvenueJoyce's Homemade CookiesPecorelli, Nick & Joyce
Details 0072-C-00331648Broadway AvenueResidentialPuhac, Paul
Details 0072-C-00256649Broadway AvenueResidentialSinkovic, Deborah A.
Details 0072-C-00255651Broadway AvenueVacantMarkulin, Jayson
Details 0072-C-00254653Broadway AvenueVacantPasquarelli, Arthur & Louise
Details 0072-C-00251655Broadway AvenueGaragePintar, Wayne & Lori
Details 0072-C-00253655Broadway AvenueVacantKatofsky, Harold & Lynn
Details 0072-C-00335656Broadway AvenueJuanita Collins DaycarePintar, Wayne & Lori
Details 0073-R-00029658Broadway AvenueBroadway Motor CarsPintar, Wayne & Lori
Details 0073-R-00031700Broadway Avenue700 Pizza & Gyro HouseJurista, Anton P.
Details 0072-C-00250701Broadway AvenueResidentialConnor, Mark & Felisa
Details 0072-C-00249703Broadway AvenueResidentialCharlton, Wesley
Details 0073-R-00020705Broadway AvenueRobert Medvid, DMDKarpa, Lenora & John
Details 0073-R-00036706Broadway AvenueVacantJ & P Real Estate LLC
Details 0073-R-00037708Broadway AvenueVacantMetz, Charles
Details 0073-R-00038710Broadway AvenueDonald S. Dazen, DMD Family DentistryDazen, Donald & Karolyn
Details 0073-R-00016-1711Broadway AvenueHairs Where It's AtAJDJ Rentals LLC
Details 0073-R-00039712Broadway AvenueAppliance WarehouseCirilano, Joseph James
Details 0073-R-00015713Broadway AvenueDrewery's Childhood & Early Learning CenterAJDJ Rentals LLC
Details 0073-R-00040714Broadway AvenueWest Park American HardwareCirilano, Joseph James
Details 0073-R-00014715Broadway AvenueDrewery's Childhood & Learning CenterAJDJ Rentals LLC
Details 0073-R-00041716Broadway AvenueAce's TavernZieger, Frank & Maryann
Details 0073-R-00013717Broadway AvenueBoost MobileAJDJ Rentals LLC
Details 0073-R-00042718Broadway AvenueVacantDeVenzio, Donald
Details 0073-R-00012719Broadway AvenueBroadway BrunchAJDJ Rentals LLC
Details 0073-R-00011719Broadway AvenueUndeveloped LandErhard, Stephen & Margaret
Details 0073-R-00044720Broadway AvenueGolden TouchCirilano, Joseph & Clotilde
Details 0073-R-00045722Broadway AvenueCirilano & AssociatesCirilano, Joseph & Clotilde
Details 0073-R-00010723Broadway AvenueJackson HewittO'Rourke, Joseph & Norma Jean
Details 0073-R-00046724Broadway AvenueBroadway ElectronicsJayamba LLC
Details 0073-R-00007725Broadway AvenueW.J. Kellar Real Estate ServicesBradley, Arthur
Details 0073-R-00047726Broadway AvenueBlue Eagle MarketJani Bank
Details 0073-R-00007727Broadway AvenueKellar Insurance AgencyBradley, Arthur
Details 0073-R-00048728Broadway AvenueAttitudes on BroadwaySchmidt, Brad
Details 0073-R-00007729-731Broadway AvenueH & R BlockBradley, Arthur
Details 0073-R-00049730Broadway AvenueMazzotta's MarketMazzotta, Francesco
Details 0073-R-00050732Broadway AvenueMama Lena's IICarrabbia, Carlo & Caroline
Details 0073-P-00227733Broadway Avenue1905 EateryNew Millenium Properties
Details 0073-P-00113800Broadway AvenueLynn's CaféRybka, John
Details 0073-P-00114802Broadway AvenueUndeveloped LandRybka, John
Details 0073-P-00226803Broadway AvenueVacantStowe Holdings LP
Details 0073-P-00115804Broadway AvenueUndeveloped LandRybka, John
Details 0073-P-00224805Broadway AvenueTheresa's Italian BakeryVasselo, Nicholas & Theresa
Details 0073-P-00116806Broadway AvenueKaffenes Agency, Inc.Kaffenes, Manuel & Irene
Details 0073-P-00223807Broadway AvenueRich's Barber ShopBanaszak, Richard & Gail
Details 0073-P-00223-A807Broadway AvenueChina Wok IIBanaszak, Richard & Gail
Details 0073-P-00118808Broadway AvenueEye GotchaWendel, Claudia
Details 0073-P-00222809Broadway AvenueVacantDeVenzio, Donald, Grace & Tara
Details 0073-P-00119810Broadway AvenueVacantMulkern, Richard & Priscilla
Details 0073-P-00221811Broadway AvenueVacantRicci, Ernest & Lillian
Details 0073-P-00120812Broadway AvenueVacantRJJ Family LP; Nina DiCenzo
Details 0073-P-00220813Broadway AvenueBobs TavernDeVenzio, Donald
Details 0073-P-00122814Broadway AvenueBroadway Auto ServiceMollica, Lawrence R.
Details 0073-P-00219815Broadway AvenueVacantMusgrove, Victor
Details 0073-P-00218817Broadway AvenueResidentialGawaldo, Christian
Details 0073-P-00217819Broadway AvenueStar NailsDeVenzio, Donald
Details 0073-P-00125820Broadway AvenueKim & Ron's Early Learning ChildcareKim & Ron's Childcare LLC
Details 0073-P-00216821Broadway AvenueResidentialHess, Jeffrey & Theresa
Details 0073-P-00126822Broadway AvenueResidentialYost, Donna
Details 0073-P-00214823Broadway AvenueVacantTaylour Interior Systems, Inc.
Details 0073-P-00127824Broadway AvenueResidentialYost, Donna
Details 0073-P-00213825Broadway AvenueCash ClubDiCenzo, Nina
Details 0073-P-00213825Broadway AvenueEasy Does It AntiquesDiCenzo, Nina
Details 0073-P-00128826Broadway AvenueResidentialJacobs, Martin & Linda
Details 0073-P-00212827Broadway AvenueFaces By ChristinaDiCenzo, Nina
Details 0073-P-00129828Broadway AvenueResidentialJacobs, Judith
Details 0073-P-00132830Broadway AvenueResidentialVasselo, Nicholas & Theresa
Details 0073-P-00209831Broadway AvenueWoodworking SchoolDiianni, Dante and Mary Ann
Details 0073-P-00134832Broadway AvenueResidentialCatanzaro, Joel
Details 0073-P-00208833Broadway AvenueResidentialSalters, Kenneth and McKenzie, Jacqueline
Details 0073-P-00206835Broadway AvenueMcKees Rocks Assembly of GodMcKees Rocks Assembly of God Inc.
Details 0073-P-00136836Broadway AvenueResidentialSuslovic, Judith, Gulbin, Jayne and Deutsch, Josep
Details 0073-R-00020905Valley StreetDesigners Hair SalonKarpa, Lenora & John
Details 0073-R-00020905Valley StreetJoyce May's Notary PublicKarpa, Lenora & John

Disclaimer:  Information provided by sources deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.  Current availability should be verified by using the contact information provided above.  Should you notice any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the database, please contact Town Center Associates at or 724-728-9400 to make any necessary corrections.

TCA regularly updates our database throughout the year