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Properties & Photos
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 Tax ParcelNumberStreetOccupantProperty Owner
Details 0063-M-002922900Belrose AvenueDormont Place ApartmentsDormont Place Inc.
Details 0063-M-001652865Espy AvenueParking Lot for Dormont Presbyterian ChurchNorth Way Christian Community
Details 0063-S-000102865Espy AvenueDormont Presbyterian ChurchNorth Way Christian Community
Details 0063-S-000192882Glenmore AvenueLaw Office of Thomas CastelloPateras, Angelo and George
Details 0063-S-000192886Glenmore AvenuePittsburgh Hair CompanyPateras, Angelo and George
Details 0063-S-001742907Glenmore AvenueChiodo HairstylesDeiullis, Guy & Joseph
Details 0063-S-001742911Glenmore AvenueParkers PGHDeiullis, Guy & Joseph
Details 0063-S-001671405Potomac AvenueMilestone TattooEZ Rentals LLC
Details 0063-S-001671407Potomac AvenueLucky Cup Frozen YogurtEZ Rentals LLC
Details 0063-S-000661408Potomac AvenueDormont NewsJohn Synder LLC
Details 0063-S-001671409Potomac AvenueThai SpoonEZ Rentals LLC
Details 0063-S-000661410Potomac AvenueWilliam Evans, AttorneyJohn Snyder LLC
Details 0063-S-000661412Potomac AvenueHair GeometricsJohn Snyder LLC
Details 0063-S-000631414Potomac AvenueDeWalts World of HealthTorre, Venetta & Gary
Details 0063-S-001701417Potomac AvenueBreakers Billiards & LoungeMottey, Paul & Waters, Grace
Details 0063-S-000631418Potomac AvenueSterling YogaTorre, Venetta & Gary
Details 0063-S-001721419-1423Potomac AvenuePotomac BakeryTate, Robert & Lynda
Details 0063-S-000611422Potomac AvenueWoven Rug GalleryFayez, Daoud
Details 0063-S-000591424Potomac AvenueLCS Inc., Environmental ConsultantsVensure LP
Details 0063-S-001741425Potomac AvenueWoven Rug WarehouseDeiullis, Guy & Joseph
Details 0063-S-001741429Potomac AvenueMe KongDeiullis, Guy & Joseph
Details 0063-S-000181430Potomac AvenueDor Stop RestaurantLawhorne, Robert & Victoria
Details 0063-S-002281431Potomac AvenueLaw OfficesPanagiotou, Sophie
Details 0063-S-002281433Potomac AvenueFactory Direct FitnessPanagiotou, Sophie
Details 0063-S-002301435Potomac AvenuePeoples Food MartPittsburgh RE Holdings LLC
Details 0063-S-000171436Potomac AvenueMLG Podiatry GroupLang, Craig & Tracey, Gallagher, Kevin & Marianne
Details 0063-S-002341441Potomac AvenueKnosso's GyrosPotomac Avenue LLC
Details 0063-S-002341443Potomac AvenueAlter Ego Body ArtPotomac Avenue LLC
Details 0063-S-002361447Potomac AvenueHollywood TheaterHollywood Partners LLC
Details 0063-S-002381451Potomac AvenueFredos MarketGrassman Group Inc.
Details 0063-S-002381453Potomac AvenueBeyond Bedtime BooksGrassman Group Inc.
Details 0063-S-002861501Potomac AvenueRobert Absalon, DMDSimione, Claudio
Details 0063-S-002861503Potomac AvenueAndras Mecs DDSSimione, Claudio
Details 0063-S-002881505Potomac AvenueNationwide Insurance-Thomas D. FrostSimione, Claudio
Details 0063-S-002881507Potomac AvenueLinda's Hair ConceptsSimione, Claudio
Details 0063-S-002901509Potomac AvenueDon Campiti's PizzaCampiti, Donald & Carol
Details 0063-S-002901511Potomac AvenueGreco Advertising SpecialtiesCamptiti, Donald & Carol
Details 0063-S-002921515Potomac AvenueVacantThree K'S LLC
Details 0063-S-002971517Potomac AvenueVacantZamoco Real Estate LLC
Details 0063-S-002971521Potomac AvenueMinuteman PressZamoco Real Estate LLC
Details 0063-S-002971525Potomac AvenueMolly's PizzaZamoco Real Estate LLC
Details 0063-M-001611530Potomac AvenueCoGo'sDMC Associates
Details 0063-M-000801600Potomac AvenueAlbert'sAlbert, David, Amy & Mark
Details 0063-M-000801602Potomac AvenuePersona Hair & SpaAlbert, David, Amy & Mark
Details 0063-M-000801604Potomac AvenueMt. Lebanon Trading PostAlbert, David, Amy & Mark
Details 0063-M-000801606Potomac AvenueEngelhardt UpholsteringAlbert, David, Amy & Mark
Details 0063-M-002991607Potomac AvenueGeorge the TailorMesina, George & Clare
Details 0063-M-000781608Potomac AvenueThe Laundry BasketSuper, Steven & Gina
Details 0063-M-000761610Potomac AvenueVacantBundy, Nancy
Details 0063-M-000761610Potomac AvenueVacantBundy, Nancy
Details 0063-M-000741626Potomac AvenueDr. John E. LoveLove, John E.
Details 0063-M-003012903Voelkel AvenueD'Alo ApartmentsBalzak, Alton LLC
Details 0063-S-00155 West Liberty AvenuePublic Parking LotBorough of Dormont
Details 0063-S-00145 West Liberty AvenueBorough ParkingBorough of Dormont
Details 0063-S-00157 West Liberty AvenuePublic Parking LotBorough of Dormont
Details 0063-S-001002873West Liberty AvenueEXXONColosimo, Gary
Details 0063-S-000752874West Liberty AvenueEat-N-ParkBroadhurst, James & Suzanne
Details 0063-S-001042875West Liberty AvenueDormont Appliance CenterScheimer, Alan & Deborah & Scheimer, Craig & Penne
Details 0063-S-000742880West Liberty AvenueTriangle Auto & VideoDecker Family Revocable Living Trust
Details 0063-S-000682880West Liberty AvenuePNC Bank Drive-ThruPittsburgh National Bank
Details 0063-S-000702882West Liberty AvenueVacantPeoples Pittsburgh Trust Company
Details 0063-S-001062883West Liberty AvenueR BarKhalil, Atallah
Details 0063-S-001062883West Liberty AvenueJackson Hewitt Tax ServiceKhalil, Atallah
Details 0063-S-001282885West Liberty AvenueMetro PCSKRB Company LLC
Details 0063-S-001282885West Liberty AvenueVincenzo's Pizza and Pasta ShopKRB Company LLC
Details 0063-S-001292887West Liberty AvenueDr. Diane Karnavas, OrthodontistBodkin, Bart & Karnavas, Diane
Details 0063-S-000662888West Liberty AvenueLiberty Tax ServiceJohn Snyder LLC
Details 0063-S-001302889West Liberty AvenueH & R BlockPirollo, Michael & Denise
Details 0063-S-000662890-2892West Liberty AvenueMoonstonesJohn Snyder LLC
Details 0063-S-001322891West Liberty AvenueSergio'sPampena, Sergio Jr.
Details 0063-S-001322891West Liberty AvenueHair Enhancements of PittsburghPampena, Sergio Jr.
Details 0063-S-001342893West Liberty AvenueDormont Vision CenterSpivak Short Term Trust
Details 0063-S-001352895West Liberty AvenuePittsburgh Tattoo StudioLongo, Ronald and Kathleen
Details 0063-S-001382895West Liberty AvenueApple InnMorosetti, Robert & Concetta
Details 0063-S-001382897West Liberty AvenueYour Hometown PharmacyMorosetti, Robert & Concetta
Details 0063-S-001382899West Liberty AvenueUltimate Hair, Tan & NailsMorosetti, Robert & Concetta
Details 0063-S-001672900West Liberty AvenueDormont FloristEZ Rentals LLC
Details 0063-S-001662904West Liberty AvenueVacantAlexander Gregory Associates, Inc.
Details 0063-S-001472905West Liberty AvenueFirst Commonwealth BankPitsburgh Home Savings Bank
Details 0063-S-001642906West Liberty AvenueTony Molinaro, Gun SmithMolinaro, Anthony
Details 0063-S-001632908West Liberty AvenueRevolution ElectronicsMcKenzie Capital Partners
Details 0063-S-001632910West Liberty AvenueAmazing WokMcKenzie Capital Partners
Details 0063-S-001612912West Liberty AvenueCell StationPasquarelli, Domenico & Valentina
Details 0063-S-001612914West Liberty AvenueClaffey's of South HillsPasquarelli, Domenico & Valentina
Details 0063-S-001592918West Liberty AvenueUPMC Lindenbaum, Perryman & AssociatesFall, Kevin and Vicki
Details 0063-S-001492921-2923West Liberty AvenueBella SalonCicchino, Maria & Erk, Gemma
Details 0098-D-003562925West Liberty AvenueCybercoinsShiff, Theodore III
Details 0063-S-001532928West Liberty AvenuePapa John's PizzaCraven Cottage LLC
Details 0098-D-003542931West Liberty AvenueVacantBRGS LLC
Details 0063-S-001512932West Liberty AvenuePrecious Paws 2 Pet SalonTerryken Holdings LLC
Details 0098-D-003542933West Liberty AvenueThe Computer StopBRGS LLC
Details 0063-S-001512934West Liberty AvenueVacantTerryken Holdings, LLC
Details 0098-D-003522935West Liberty AvenueTom's Beer StorePetropoulos, Tom & Effi
Details 0063-S-001502936West Liberty AvenueCash For Gold & SilverMurrer, Albert A. Jr.
Details 0098-D-003522937West Liberty AvenueTom's DinerPetropoulos, Tom & Effie
Details 0098-D-003522937West Liberty AvenueVastaPetropoulos, Tom & Effie
Details 0063-S-001502938West Liberty AvenueDiversityMurrer, Albert A. Jr.
Details 0098-D-003592940West Liberty AvenueResidentialMurrer, Albert & Rosalie
Details 0098-D-003602944West Liberty AvenueJulie Pastorius, LCSNYokel, Robert & Kristi
Details 0098-D-003622946West Liberty AvenueResidentialMance, Frank & Marilyn
Details 0098-D-003672950West Liberty AvenueDormont Public LibraryDormont Public Library
Details 0098-D-003722960West Liberty AvenueResidentialGeorge, Laurie
Details 0098-D-003742980West Liberty AvenueResidentialCulbertson, Richard & Linda
Details 0098-D-003762984West Liberty AvenueResidentialSullivan, Timothy
Details 0098-D-003782988West Liberty AvenueResidentialGordon, Nancy & Marino, Galluzzo
Details 0098-D-003802990West Liberty AvenueMunicipal ParkBorough of Dormont
Details 0098-D-003822994West Liberty AvenueMunicipal ParkBorough of Dormont

Disclaimer:  Information provided by sources deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.  Current availability should be verified by using the contact information provided above.  Should you notice any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the database, please contact Town Center Associates at or 724-728-9400 to make any necessary corrections.

TCA regularly updates our database throughout the year