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Properties & Photos
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 Tax ParcelNumberStreetOccupantProperty Owner
Details 0342-E-0034210014th AvenueChilbert & Co.Dinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-0025910044th AvenueWarrior Graphics & EmbroideryKelly, William J & Alice C
Details 0342-E-0034510054th AvenueJust Great LooksDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-0034610074th AvenueAngels ClosetNapoleone, Angelo
Details 0342-E-0034910094th AvenueStitch Wizards, Inc.Coraopolis Cash Market
Details 0342-E-0025410104th AvenueMcDonald'sMcDonalds Corporation
Details 0342-E-0034910114th AvenueCricket WirelessCoraopolis Cash Market
Details 0342-E-0035210174th AvenueCash Market-Grocery-ProduceCoraopolis Cash Market
Details 0342-E-0023610264th AvenuePentek Inc.Lefkowitz, Sheldon
Details 0342-E-0037010314th AvenueJeff Zell ConsultantsZell, Jeffrey & Ronna Sue
Details 0342-E-0036610334th AvenueCory Village CaféDiCicco, Halo & Elsa
Details 0342-E-0036610354th AvenueVacantDiCicco, Halo & Elsa
Details 0342-F-0011511004th AvenueParking LotSwartz Family Trust
Details 0342-F-0011811014th AvenueGoodyearProtech Real Estate Partnership
Details 0342-F-0011211044th AvenueParking LotMalik, Ftikhar A.
Details 0342-F-0010811084th AvenueKitchen InnovationsTucceri, Vincent A.
Details 0342-F-0010511104th AvenueWine & SpiritsTucceri, Harry
Details 0342-F-0010111144th AvenueWarehouse for Coraopolis HardwareCoraopolis Hardware Company
Details 0342-F-0012611174th AvenueGoodyearProtech Real Estate Partnership
Details 0342-F-0009611184th AvenueWarehouseLefkowitz, Sheldon
Details 0342-F-0009111304th AvenueScottie B's Barber ShopRogers, Cathy Schnaubelt
Details 0342-F-0009111324th AvenueAero Tech Designs CyclewearRogers, Cathy Schnaubelt
Details 0342-A-000429014th AvenueSewickley Savings Bank Parking LotSewickley Savings Bank
Details 0342-A-000489014th AvenueSewickley Savings BankSewickley Savings Bank
Details 0342-A-000119064th AvenueTerry's Auto DetailingWodarek, Terry L. & Tammy S.
Details 0342-A-000149104th AvenueFastenalBolco Inc.
Details 0342-A-000169124th AvenueVacantDotter, Edward & James
Details 0342-A-000189164th AvenueVacantPiccirilli, Pete & Mary
Details 0342-A-000399194th AvenueSewickley Savings Bank Parking LotSewickley Savings Bank
Details 0342-A-000209224th AvenueDoney's LLCKluwe, Lesa
Details 0342-E-003049244th AvenueQuicksignsFodor, Thomas & Celeste
Details 0342-A-000369254th AvenuePNC BankPittsburgh National Bank
Details 0342-A-000279314th AvenueSnow's Polaris - Victory SouthSnow, Dean R. Jr.
Details 0342-E-003019384th AvenueRPM Hot RodsLBV, LLC
Details 0342-E-002849384th AvenueVacantLBV, LLC
Details 0342-E-002819444th AvenueAnderson ConstructionR&S Property Holdings LLC
Details 0342-E-002789484th AvenueUS Fitness CareDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-0008310245th AvenueAnthony Jr.'s PizzeriaDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-F-00067 5th AvenueParking LotBorough of Coraopolis
Details 0342-E-00201 5th AvenueParking LotCoraopolis Parking Authority
Details 0342-E-0012010005th AvenueCoraopolis Community Development FoundationMcVay Gregory & Lisa
Details 0342-E-0012010025th AvenueVacantMcVay, Gregory & Lisa
Details 0342-E-0011810045th AvenueT. Salvie PhotographyRelizathan Properties LLC
Details 0342-E-0019910075th AvenueVacantAletto, Mark & Smith, Alan
Details 0342-E-0019910075th AvenueGianni's Pizza & WingsAletto, Mark & Smith, Alan
Details 0342-E-0011610125th AvenueBorough BuildingBorough of Coraopolis
Details 0342-E-0011110145th AvenueJohn R. McAllister, Hair StylistQuantum Diversified LP
Details 0342-E-0011110165th AvenueQuantum InstallationsQuantum Diversified LP
Details 0342-E-0011110185th AvenueVacantQuantum Diversified LP
Details 0342-E-0008110205th AvenueAnthony Jr's Banquet Hall & DeliCeleste, Anthony & Kathleen
Details 0342-E-0008110205th AvenueVacantCeleste, Anthony & Kathleen
Details 0342-E-0020510215th AvenueVacantPlanitzer, John & Carol
Details 0342-E-0020710255th AvenueCard & Gift OutletCostantino, Roger Jr.
Details 0342-E-0010510285th AvenueOfficeGilbert, Louis & Barbara
Details 0342-E-0020910295th AvenueCoraopolis HardwareSweterlitsch, William & Kenneth
Details 0342-E-0010410305th AvenueVacantBlumling, Thomas V & Terri L
Details 0342-E-0010310325th AvenueVacantDinardo, Ferdinand & Velia
Details 0342-E-0010110385th AvenueVacantDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-0010110405th AvenueVacantDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-0010110425th AvenueA.D. Rossi, Inc.Dinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-0009911005th AvenueWade Chabassol InsuranceDouglas, George A Jr. & Jaynace
Details 0342-E-0009911005th AvenueJust CutsDouglas, George A Jr. & Jaynace
Details 0342-E-0021711015th AvenueHeritagae Valley Medical ClinicsSchneidrman, Marc J MD & Melissa
Details 0342-E-0009711045th AvenueI. Ned Adoki, MDAdoki, Iyalla & Jillian
Details 0342-E-0021911055th AvenueVacantSchneidrman, Marc J, MD & Melissa
Details 0342-E-00096-111085th AvenueWykes Electronic Sales & ServiceWyke, William & Ilona
Details 0342-E-0022111095th AvenueParking LotBorough of Coraopolis
Details 0342-E-0009511105th AvenuePizza PlazaTrunzo, Ana M.
Details 0342-E-0009411145th AvenueVacant LotRossi, Anthony Jr., David & Perry
Details 0419-H-001149005th AvenueESB BankESB Bank
Details 0419-H-001259015th AvenueResidentialDynasty House & Homes LLC
Details 0419-H-001239035th AvenueAmerican Coin RaritiesLaschon, Stephen J.
Details 0419-H-001219055th AvenueMark S. Saber, DDS Family DentistrySaber, Mark & Cynthia
Details 0419-H-001199075th AvenuePressing Matters Dry CleanersElder, Robert, Kathleen & Ann
Details 0342-E-001489095th AvenueRed ChinaHua, Li Li
Details 0342-E-001509115th AvenueResidentialLarocca, Anthony
Details 0342-E-001519135th AvenueResidentialLarocca, Mary M.
Details 0342-E-001439145th AvenueUS Post OfficeESB Bank
Details 0342-E-001539175th AvenueUndeveloped LandVolante, John & Anthony, Pappas, Roseann
Details 0342-E-001399205th AvenueParking LotESB Bank
Details 0342-E-001579235th AvenueDistrict Magistrate's OfficeElisa Volante Real Estate Trust
Details 0342-E-001599235th AvenueChips Barber ShopElisa Volante Real Estate Trust
Details 0342-E-001599235th AvenueDistrict Magistrate's OfficeElisa Volante Real Estate Trust
Details 0342-E-001389265th AvenueDollar GeneralLynch, Lawrence & Rebecca
Details 0342-E-001389265th AvenueCory Thrift StoreLynch, Lawrence & Rebecca
Details 0342-E-001389265th AvenueOff The Hook Exotic PetsLynch, Lawrence & Rebecca
Details 0342-E-001709295th AvenueJailhouse SaloonGowers, Rodney & Tammy
Details 0342-E-001389315th AvenueThe WellLynch, Lawrence & Rebecca
Details 0342-E-001329345th AvenueFrag's Tags & TravelSanikommu, Srinivasa & Vijaya
Details 0342-E-001639355th AvenueMunicipal Parking LotCoraopolis Parking Authority
Details 0342-E-001309365th AvenueH & R BlockWolfe, Richard & Leila
Details 0342-E-001769375th AvenueUncle Joe's ScubaCook, William
Details 0342-E-001319385th AvenueCoraopolis Bicycle ShopDeJohn, Frederick Jr.
Details 0342-E-001789395th AvenueBradford & Klixbull, Attorneys At LawKlixbull, Richard & Susan
Details 0342-E-001299405th AvenueLiv European KitchenGorban, Nadezhda & Milkhail
Details 0342-E-001809415th AvenueCoraopolis Floor CoveringCook, William
Details 0342-E-001279425th AvenueVacantTucceri, Vincent & Nedra
Details 0342-E-001809435th AvenueMetro PCSCook, William
Details 0342-E-001279445th AvenueVacantTucceri, Vincent & Nedra
Details 0342-E-001279465th AvenueVacantTucceri, Vincent & Nedra
Details 0342-E-001279485th AvenueVacantTucceri, Vincent & Nedra
Details 0342-E-001239505th AvenueNIRA Consulting Engineers Inc.NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Details 0342-E-001859535th AvenueFirst Niagra BankFirst Niagara Bank
Details 0342-F-00078412Broadway AvenueRite AidHPT LP
Details 0342-E-001941004Mill StreetVacantDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-00329314Mill StreetSegneri Italian RestaurantSegneri, Samuel Angelo
Details 0342-E-00273400-402Mill StreetBrown & Abbott PCDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-00262401-407Mill StreetOff the Avenue Antiques & CollectablesDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-00263405Mill StreetA Gallery of Antiques & CollectablesDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-00271406Mill StreetEgers JewelersGoldfarb, Larry & Marjorie
Details 0342-E-00270406Mill StreetVacantCimino, Frank Jr.
Details 0342-E-00269408Mill StreetChilbert & Co. TuxedoBrooks Properties, LP
Details 0342-E-00264409Mill StreetGinger R. Stage, PsychologistStage, Robert & Ginger
Details 0342-E-00266411Mill StreetThree Rivers YogaDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-00266411Mill StreetVacantDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-00267412Mill StreetAntiquesAAA Berardi
Details 0342-E-00267414Mill StreetAntiquesAAA Berardi
Details 0342-E-00191416Mill StreetDebenham Media GroupDebenham, Stuart III
Details 0342-E-00189420Mill StreetDebenham Media GroupDebenham, Stuart III
Details 0342-E-00187422Mill StreetKeystone Martial ArtsWheelco Holdings LLC
Details 0342-E-00196425Mill StreetCory ChiropracticDinardo, Daniel
Details 0342-E-00198427Mill StreetVictory TechFamous Real Estate Corporation
Details 0342-F-00116409Mulberry StreetCheers Entertainment & SportsMalik, Ftikhar
Details 0342-E-00211412Mulberry StreetVFWHolmes, Keith
Details 0342-K-002111111State AvenueVacantPhelps Holding LLC

Disclaimer:  Information provided by sources deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.  Current availability should be verified by using the contact information provided above.  Should you notice any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the database, please contact Town Center Associates at or 724-728-9400 to make any necessary corrections.

TCA regularly updates our database throughout the year