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Properties & Photos
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 Tax ParcelNumberStreetOccupantProperty Owner
Details 0160-l-0008214Hawley AvenueMcGrath and AssociatesLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-L-0008214Hawley AvenueMcGrath and AssociatesLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-L-0008216Hawley AvenueStorageLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-L-0008218Hawley AvenueQui InteriorsLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-L-0008220Hawley AvenueJim's Hidden TreasuresLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-L-000836Hawley AvenueJessie The TailorDeFrank, Domenic
Details 0160-L-000828Hawley AvenuePittsburgh AirbrushLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-G-00244 Lincoln AvenueMunicipal Parking LotBorough of Bellevue
Details 0160-S-00108355Lincoln AvenueCVS PharmacyWEC 2000B-GL-25-LLC
Details 0160-S-00108357Lincoln AvenuePapa John'sWEC 2000B-GL-25-LLC
Details 0160-M-00195366Lincoln AvenueVacantKlauscher, Robert & Spagnolo, Beverly
Details 0160-S-00068401Lincoln AvenueJackson Hewitt Tax ServiceCFI Holdings, LLC
Details 0160-S-00068403Lincoln AvenueVacantCFI Holdings, LLC
Details 0160-M-00274404Lincoln AvenueParking Lot for Classic ChevroletCorsello, Lee & Janet
Details 0160-S-00066405Lincoln AvenueVacantFichera, Tracy
Details 0160-S-00066407Lincoln AvenueEsthetica SalonFichera, Tracy
Details 0160-S-00066409Lincoln AvenueVacantFichera, Tracy
Details 0160-M-00280411Lincoln AvenueVacantStraight, Michael & Angelique
Details 0160-M-00280411Lincoln AvenueVacantStraight, Michael & Angelique
Details 0160-M-00269412Lincoln AvenueClassic Chevrolet Pre-ownedCorsello, Lee & Janet
Details 0160-M-00286413Lincoln AvenueDr. Mark RaphaelWadlow Family Trust
Details 0160-M-00286415Lincoln AvenueVacantWadlow Family Trust
Details 0160-M-00286417Lincoln AvenueVacantWadlow Family Trust
Details 0160-M-00286419Lincoln AvenueMuddy CupWadlow Family Trust
Details 0160-M-00286421Lincoln AvenueRB's Pizza PlaceWadlow Family Trust
Details 0160-M-00288423Lincoln AvenueWoo Executive Hairstyling For MenWadlow Family Trust
Details 0160-M-00288425Lincoln AvenueBuy Gold For CashWadlow Family Trust
Details 0160-L-00290427Lincoln AvenueVacant LotGroomes, William E & Josephine
Details 0160-L-00266435Lincoln AvenueBellevue Elementary SchoolBellevue School Authority
Details 0160-M-00291440Lincoln AvenueLutheran Service SocietyLutheran Service Society of Western PA
Details 0160-L-00023446Lincoln AvenueBellevue Pediatric Associates446 Lincoln Avenue Associates
Details 0160-L-00025450Lincoln AvenueKnights of ColumbusFourteen Hundred Inc.
Details 0160-L-00260457Lincoln AvenueBellevue United Presbyterian ChurchTrustee of the UP Church
Details 0160-L-00030460Lincoln AvenueLawrence T. Miller Funeral Home, Inc.Miller, Lawrence & Rose Marie
Details 0160-L-00258463Lincoln AvenueArty, Party & CraftsDeBonis, John B
Details 0160-L-00258467Lincoln AvenueJohn B. Debonis DDSDeBonis, John B
Details 0160-L-00257469Lincoln AvenueTown & Country Dry CleanersBaker, Dennis C & Carolyn A
Details 0160-L-00034470Lincoln AvenuePNC BankACR PA QRS Trust
Details 0160-L-00256471Lincoln AvenueProduce PlusKocero Realty LLC
Details 0160-L-00209481Lincoln AvenuePizza HutLeo, James J & Carol E
Details 0160-L-00038484Lincoln AvenueFirst NiagaraFrank Traupmen Family Trust
Details 0160-L-00205491Lincoln AvenueDollar GeneralDentici Brothers, Inc.
Details 0160-L-00040494Lincoln AvenueJoyce's Antique EmporiumFrank Traupmen Family Trust
Details 0160-L-00203495Lincoln AvenueCitizens BankARC CBPBGPA004 LLC
Details 0160-L-00040496Lincoln AvenueVacantFrank Traupmen Family Trust
Details 0160-M-00277500Lincoln AvenueClassic Chevrolet Pre-ownedCorsello, Lee & Janet
Details 0160-L-00075500Lincoln AvenueClassic ChevroletCorsello, Lee
Details 0160-L-00075500Lincoln AvenueClassic Chevrolet Pro ShopCorsello, Lee
Details 0160-L-00151501Lincoln AvenuePizza MilanoLuxury Property Group Bellevue LLC
Details 0160-L-00151503Lincoln AvenueUncle ChenLuxury Property Group, Bellevue LLC
Details 0160-L-00149509Lincoln AvenueBellevue Do It Best HardwarePost, Timothy & Mary Joy
Details 0160-L-00148511Lincoln AvenueL Nath OptomologyNath, Manju & Lisa
Details 0160-L-00079512Lincoln AvenueBellevue Business Center, LLCBell Federal Savings & Loan Association
Details 0160-L-00146513Lincoln AvenueThe Bellevue DinerMarshall, Robert
Details 0160-L-00079514Lincoln AvenueLincoln Barber ShopBell Federal Savings & Loan Association
Details 0160-L-00146515Lincoln AvenueLiberty Tax ServiceMarshall, Robert
Details 0160-L-00079516Lincoln AvenueVacantBell Federal Savings & Loan Association
Details 0160-L-00144517Lincoln AvenueVacantFussenegger, Todd A.
Details 0160-L-00144521Lincoln AvenueVacantFussenegger, Todd A.
Details 0160-L-00105523Lincoln AvenuePJ's Smoke ShopBellevue Masonic Hall Association
Details 0160-L-00079524Lincoln AvenueVacantBell Federal Savings & Loan Association
Details 0160-L-00105527Lincoln AvenueYoung Brothers Tai Kwon DoBellevue Masonic Hall Association
Details 0160-L-00104529Lincoln AvenueErin's HallmarkMorris, Michael A & Erin W
Details 0160-L-00103531Lincoln AvenueLuigi's Pizzaria & RistoranteTanvir, Mohammad
Details 0160-L-00081532Lincoln AvenueNorthwest Savings BankFirst Federal Savings & Loan Association
Details 0160-L-00082534Lincoln AvenueKemberle Monda, DentistLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-L-00082534Lincoln AvenueA Cut Above the RestLet's Wager LLC
Details 0160-L-00101535Lincoln AvenueRite Aid PharmacyMiller, Clare H. & Melinda S.
Details 0160-L-00083538Lincoln AvenueDomenic S. DeFrank, DMDDeFrank, Domenic
Details 0160-L-00100539Lincoln AvenueBellevue Dental Association, PCAntonucci, William P.
Details 0160-L-00098541Lincoln AvenueVacantPorco, Joseph L.
Details 0160-L-00094543Lincoln AvenueLincoln BakeryPorco, Joseph L.
Details 0160-L-00092549Lincoln AvenueFred Dietz Floral & GiftsDietz, Edward & Catherine
Details 0160-L-00088553Lincoln AvenueTobacco OutletThe Luu Tung
Details 0160-G-00241554Lincoln AvenueThe CenterSoma International Ministries Inc.
Details 0160-L-00088555Lincoln AvenueChiropractic Wellness CenterThe Luu Tung
Details 0160-G-00251556Lincoln AvenueState Farm InsuranceStanish, William & Deborah
Details 0160-L-00088557Lincoln AvenueDojo Nails & TanningThe Luu Tung
Details 0160-G-00251558Lincoln AvenueHappy Baby CompanyStanish, William & Deborah
Details 0160-L-00086559Lincoln AvenueDari- Villa RestaurantSchepis, Domenick P.J.
Details 0160-G-00251-1560Lincoln AvenueJoe's Rusty NailPhillips Crane & Equipment Rentals Inc.
Details 0160-L-00086561Lincoln AvenueQuest DiagnosticsSchepis, Domenick P.J.
Details 0160-G-00248562Lincoln AvenueMetro PCSJ II Properties
Details 0160-K-00004563Lincoln AvenueThe Shepherd's Door, Inc.Sutherland, Louis A Jr & Lorraine
Details 0160-G-00248564Lincoln AvenueVacantJ II Properties
Details 0160-K-00005565Lincoln AvenueGrille 565DiBattista, Sabatino & Lori
Details 0160-G-00247566Lincoln AvenueThe Man CaveCampbell, John II & James Jr.
Details 0160-K-00006567Lincoln AvenueMane Attractions UnlimitedSnowkeyon, Suzanne
Details 0160-G-00247568Lincoln AvenueBellevue Vision CompanyCampbell, John II & James Jr.
Details 0160-F-00140569Lincoln AvenueLaw Office of Stephanie HagerGallo Family Irrevocable Trust
Details 0160-F-00140571Lincoln AvenuePatti's Styling SalonGallo Family Irrevocable Trust
Details 0160-G-00246572Lincoln AvenueWestview Savings BankJ II Properties
Details 0160-F-00140573Lincoln AvenueFodi JewelersGallo Family Irrevocable Trust
Details 0160-K-00010575Lincoln AvenueOptometric Care Inc.Suburban General Services Corporation
Details 0160-K-00010575Lincoln AvenueAllegheny General Hospital Suburban CampusSuburban General Services Corporation
Details 0160-F-00131600Lincoln AvenueRent A CenterPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00131600Lincoln AvenueBerry QuoolPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00148601Lincoln AvenuePizza BomontiSamalex Trust c/o Stern Enterprises
Details 0160-F-00148603Lincoln AvenueLast Call EntertainmentSamalex Trust c/o Stern Enterprises
Details 0160-F-00148605Lincoln AvenueCricketSamalex Trust c/o Stern Enterprises
Details 0160-F-00148607Lincoln AvenueFamily DollarSamalex Trust c/o Stern Enterprises
Details 0160-F-00127610Lincoln AvenueChina Sea Chinese RestaurantPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00148611Lincoln AvenueVacantSamalex Trust c/o Stern Enterprises
Details 0160-F-00127612Lincoln AvenueVacantPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00150613Lincoln AvenueGuys & Dolls SalonDietz, Edward & Catherine
Details 0160-F-00152615Lincoln AvenueBellevue Tobacco & NewsDietz, Edward & Catherine
Details 0160-F-00127616Lincoln AvenueStar NailsPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00127616Lincoln AvenueEphesus Mediterranean KitchenPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00127616Lincoln AvenueNew HorizonsPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00127616Lincoln AvenueSummer's Tanning SalonPeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00127616Lincoln AvenueLincoln Self StoragePeninsula Properties, Inc.
Details 0160-F-00152617Lincoln AvenueLeonard DeJulio, Attorney at Law/Notary PublicDietz, Edward & Catherine
Details 0160-F-00152617Lincoln AvenueLi'l Tykes Day Care CenterDietz, Edward & Catherine
Details 0160-F-00122620Lincoln AvenueCoGo'sDMC Associates
Details 0160-F-00180629Lincoln AvenueYMCA North BoroughsYoung Men's Christian Association of Pittsburgh
Details 0160-F-00117640Lincoln AvenueJoseph G. DeFrancesco, DMDNathan Limited Partnership
Details 0160-F-00117650Lincoln AvenueH & R BlockNathan Limited Partnership
Details 0160-F-00117654Lincoln AvenueCost Cutters Family Hair CareNathan Limited Partnership
Details 0160-F-00117656Lincoln AvenueAce Cash ExpressNathan Limited Partnership
Details 0160-F-00115660Lincoln AvenueProfessional OfficesMilton Investments, LLC
Details 0160-F-00192661Lincoln AvenueKuhn's Quality Foods Grocery StoreFranklin Square LP
Details 0160-F-00113664Lincoln AvenueLincoln Star CorporationLincoln Avenue Trust
Details 0160-F-00238675-683Lincoln AvenueWes BancoWesbanco Bank Inc.
Details 0160-L-0004010N. Balph AvenueTrend Hair FashionsFrank Traupmen Family Trust
Details 0160-L-0004012N. Balph AvenueKeystone Gallery TattooFrank Traupmen Family Trust
Details 0160-L-0004014N. Balph AvenuePittsburgh Regional Chiropractic CenterFrank Traupmen Family Trust
Details 0160-L-000406N. Balph AvenueVacantFrank Trautmen Family Trust
Details 0160-L-000408N. Balph AvenueVacantFrank Trautmen Family Trust

Disclaimer:  Information provided by sources deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.  Current availability should be verified by using the contact information provided above.  Should you notice any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the database, please contact Town Center Associates at or 724-728-9400 to make any necessary corrections.

TCA regularly updates our database throughout the year