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Ambridge Elm Street Updates

- Program Overview
- Proposed Improvements

MARCH 2010
Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (PHLF) has announced that project applications have been submitted to DCED for review. Any specific questions can be addressed to Eugene Matta at PHLF: 412-471-5808.

DEC 07

In December of 2007, Borough Manager Kristen Denne, along with Elm Street Committee members Donna Flannery and Marlene Verigood, met with representatives from the Community Development Program, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, and Town Center Associates, and walked the Elm Street Neighborhood to discuss potential projects and take pictures. This information will be used by PHLF to assist with an application to DCED for possible project funding.


Our Beaver County Elm Street project team, including representatives from Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation (PHLF), Town Center Associates (TCA) and Community Development Program of Beaver County, visited Ambridge on December 17, 2007. We met with Borough Manager Kristen Denne and community representatives Donna Flannery and Marlene Verigood. The project selected includes resurfacing, signage and architectural improvements of the parking lot at Fifth and Melrose and the parking lot at Sixth and Melrose. We are meeting with consultants to provide us with cost estimates, and we are also in the process of completing an initial design to be submitted to the Borough for their comments and approval. We plan to return to Ambridge in the next few days to visit the sites and meet again with the Borough Manager and community representatives to further discuss the project.

For the latest update, please click on "Proposed Improvements" above the aerial map at the top right of this page.  Here you will find the final Elm Street proposed project and drawings for our community.


The following is a correspondence from PHLF’s Eugene Matta to the nine Beaver County Municipalities:


I have put in the mail to each Municipality the following documents:


1 - Letter with the current status and information on requirements to complete the Single Application;


2 - Pgs. 43, 44, and 45 of the DCED New Communities, Program Guidelines, for Residential Reinvestment Grants;


3 - A copy of the Elm Street Plan for each of the nine Municipalities, prepared by Town Center Associates with the collaboration of The Beaver County Community Development Plan.


As you may be aware, originally I was asked to prepare one consolidated Single Application for all nine Municipalities. That did not work, and it was not until recently that DCED's Ed Geiger, in consultation with his staff, decided that the proper way of doing this was to prepare nine different Single Applications, one for each Municipality. In my letter to you I cite Mr. Geiger's comment and the requirements that each Single Application must include. 


The Program Guidelines I included in the package include the specific requirements, and the Elm Street Plan for each Municipality contain all the information needed to meet those requirements. You need, however, review the Elm Street Plans and update any information as needed.


I'll be happy to assist you in putting this information together, and once we have all we need I'll prepare the nine Single Applications. Although PA State still has no budget, and many predict cuts that may or may not affect Elm Street and Main Street programs, I think we should be prepared just in case. And if not this year, given the budget foes, maybe next or the following. 





Eugene Matta

Director of Real Estate & Special Development Programs

Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation