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About Us

What is the Allegheny Together Program?

Allegheny Together was launched in 2007 and is a program designed to assist traditional pedestrian-based business districts throughout the county. Through ongoing support from County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, the program stresses community organization and data-driven planning as a way to direct public investment, spur private investment and revitalize our communities.

The focused, five-year approach led by Allegheny County Economic Development aims to build the capacity of community groups in these neighborhoods with the support of a professional staff of architects, real estate experts, community planners, community development specialists and project managers.  Town Center Associates and Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, primary consultants to the program, both have a wealth of experience and successful track records in commercial revitalization activities.

A principle objective of Allegheny Together is to help existing businesses in our county’s traditional, downtown shopping districts. By helping existing enterprises succeed, Allegheny Together hopes to attract new entrepreneurs to the market thus increasing district vibrancy. Public support will encourage private investment in areas that are plagued by disinvestment. Similar programs at the national and state level have succeeded in leveraging two dollars of private funding for every public dollar spent.

Why Downtown-based Communities are Important to the region

Statistics show that the economic might of our region, our Commonwealth, and our nation lies in the success of our small businesses. Allegheny County alone contains 55,390 small businesses
with fewer than 100 employees, representing 99% of all businesses in the county employing over 265,000 workers. Dense concentrations of these businesses are found in the commercial districts of our older communities (and, increasingly, in newer ones as developers seek to replicate them). In Allegheny County, we are fortunate to have over 40 such districts that are home to everything from high tech start-ups to small niche retail stores and restaurants.

We encourage you to visit the individual downtown webpages on our website to learn more about the wide array of services and resources provided to Allegheny Together communities.

If you are interested in learning more about Allegheny Together, or contacting a specific organization involved with the program, you will find contact information on the “Contact Us” page.